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简要描述:今天,小简老师为大家整理了人教版英语选修7课本各单元的常考单词、短语、以及写作句式,利便同学们学习和温习使用!努力攻陷这些知识点,新学期变身英语学霸~Unit1 Living well常考单词必背1.ambition n.雄心;野心ambitious adj. 有雄心的;有野心的His only fault is that he lacks ambition.他唯一的不足是志向短小。...

本文摘要:今天,小简老师为大家整理了人教版英语选修7课本各单元的常考单词、短语、以及写作句式,利便同学们学习和温习使用!努力攻陷这些知识点,新学期变身英语学霸~Unit1 Living well常考单词必背1.ambition n.雄心;野心ambitious adj. 有雄心的;有野心的His only fault is that he lacks ambition.他唯一的不足是志向短小。


今天,小简老师为大家整理了人教版英语选修7课本各单元的常考单词、短语、以及写作句式,利便同学们学习和温习使用!努力攻陷这些知识点,新学期变身英语学霸~Unit1 Living well常考单词必背1.ambition n.雄心;野心ambitious adj. 有雄心的;有野心的His only fault is that he lacks ambition.他唯一的不足是志向短小。2.beneficial adj. 有益的;受益的benefit vt. 有益于 vi.受益;获得利益 n.利益;益处Your medicine has benefited me much.你的药对我大有益处。[快速闪记]benefit from 从……中受益be of benefit to 对……有益(=be beneficial to)for the benefit of 为……(的利益)3.clumsy adj. 鸠拙的4.adapt vt.&vi. ①(使)适应②改编;改写I suggested he should adapt himself to his new conditions.我认为他应该使自己适应新的情况。

[快速闪记](1) adapt(oneself) to(doing) sth (使某人)适应(做)某事adapt...from... 凭据……改编……be adapted for 为……而改编(2) adaptation n.[C] & [U] 适应;改编;改写本;改编的作品5.absence n.①[C] & [U]缺席;不在②[U]缺乏A stranger brought you this letter during your absence.你不在时,一个生疏人给你捎来了这封信。[快速闪记](1) absence of mind 心不在焉in sb's absence 某人不在时in the absence of sth 缺乏某物(2) absent adj. ①缺席的;不在的 ②缺乏的be absent from 缺席……absent-minded adj. 心不在焉的6.resign vi. 告退;放弃 vt. 辞去;放弃;把……交付(给)All the employees resign because the employer is too unreasonable.因为老板太不讲理,雇员全体告退。

She resigned her baby to the care of her neighbour.她把婴儿托付给邻人照管。resign from a job 告退7.adequate adj. ①足够的②恰当的;胜任的[快速闪记]be adequate for 足够……be adequate to do...... 胜任做……;足以做……8.access n.①靠近/进入的方法;到达/进入的权利②通道;入口Only a few people have access to the full facts of the incident.只有几小我私家可以知道事件的全部真相。[快速闪记]have/gain/get/obtain access to 可靠近;可进入;可使用accessible/ək'sesəbl/ adj. 容易取得的;容易靠近的;容易受影响的be accessible to 能靠近……,可使用……9.approval n.[C] & [U]赞成;同意;批准Do the plans meet with your approval?这些计划你赞成吗?[快速闪记](1) approve vt. 赞成;同意approve of sb's doing sth 同意某人做某事(2) without approval 未经许可give one's approval to 同意;批准10.profit n.[C] & [U]利润;收益;利益;益处 vt.&vi.有益(于);有利(于)A company whose profits from home markets are declining may seek opportunities abroad.一家在海内市场利润下降的公司可能会去外洋钻营时机。

It will profit us nothing to do that.做那事对我们没有任何利益。高频短语必会1.in other words 换句话说[快速闪记]have a word with sb 与某人谈话keep/break one's word 遵守信誉/食言;失信beyond words 无法用语言表达2.cut out 切下,裁剪[快速闪记]cut across 抄近路cut away 切,剪,去掉cut down 淘汰,砍倒cut in 插嘴,插队cut off 切断,阻碍cut up 切碎,使悲痛,使伤心3.out of breath 上气不接下气Reaching the top of the tower,he was out of breath.到了塔顶他就上气不接下气了。

catch/hold one's breath 屏息;憋住气lose one's breath 喘不外气4.all in all 总而言之5.sit around 闲坐着6.in many ways 在许多方面7.as well as 也;和8.make fun of 取笑9.never mind 不必担忧10.meet with 遇到;履历;会晤写作句式必学1.Every time I returned after an absence,I felt stupid because I was behind the others.每次请过假之后,我以为自己笨,因为比别人落伍了一些。2.Sometimes,too,I was too weak to go to school so my education suffered.有时,我的身体也很虚弱,以至于不能去上学,因此我的学习受到了影响。3.Just accept them for who they are,and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do.接受他们,给予他们勉励,让他们能像你一样过得富厚多彩,充实完满。Unit2 Robots常考单词必背1.desire n.盼望;愿望;欲望 v.盼望;憧憬;要求We all desire happiness and health.我们都想获得幸福和康健。

[快速闪记](1) have a strong desire to do sth 迫切想要做某事(2) have a strong desire for sth 急于想获得某物desire to do sth 盼望做某事desire sb to do sth 想要某人做某事desire that主语+should+动词原形,should可以省略。(3) desirable adj. 令人满足的desired adj. 盼望的;想获得的2.alarm n.警报;恐慌 vt. 使警醒;使恐慌;惊动I forgot to set my alarm and I overslept.我忘了定闹钟,效果睡过了头。

They were alarmed by a sudden attack.突然袭击使他们大为恐慌。3.sympathy n.同情I have a lot of sympathy for him;he brought up his two children on his own.我很是同情他,他独自把两个孩子养大。[快速闪记](1) feel/have great sympathy for sb 对某人深感同情with sympathy 同情地(2) sympathetic adj. 同情的;支持的sympathize/sympathise vi. ①同情;恻隐 ②体谅;赞同4.favo(u)r n.[U]喜爱;恩惠;赞同 vt. 喜爱;支持;赞成The idea is beginning to gain widespread favour.这种意见开始赢得广泛赞同。

[快速闪记](1) in favour of 赞同;支持in sb 's favour 对某人有利do sb a favour/do a favour for sb 帮某人一个忙ask sb a favour=ask a favour of sb 请某人帮助(2) favourable adj. 赞同的;有利的favourite adj.&n.特别喜爱的(工具)5.pile n.[C] ①一堆②大量 vt.&vi. 聚集;积累The leaves had been swept into huge piles.树叶被扫成了一大堆一大堆的。[快速闪记]a pile of 一堆piles of 一堆堆的pile up 聚集6.absurd adj. 谬妄的;可笑的He felt it was absurd to be filled with hatred for someone he had never met.他以为对从未见过的人充满愤恨可真是谬妄。7.accompany vt. ①陪同;陪同 ②陪同发生(with) ③伴奏(+on/at)Friends,in this time of happiness,joy and goodwill to accompany you!朋侪,在这幸福的时光里,让快乐和优美永远陪同着你![快速闪记](1) accompany sb to someplace 陪同某人去某地accompany sb on/at 用……给某人伴奏accompany...with/by 与……同时存在或发生(2) keep sb company 陪同某人in company with 与……一起8.declare v.宣布(声明);申报;声明He declared that he would fight for his right.他宣称要为他的权利而斗争。

[快速闪记]declaration n.宣言,布告,通告,声明declare against 声明阻挡declare sth to sb/sth 向……讲明自己的看法declare...open/close 宣布……开始/竣事declared war on 向……宣战9.talent n.天才;特殊能力Which of them has more musical talent is open to debate.他们之中谁更有音乐天赋还未有定论。10.obey vt.&vi.听从;听从;遵守disobey v.不平从;违抗A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings.机械人必须遵守人类的指令。obey the rules 遵守规则高频短语必会1.test out 实验;磨练2.ring up 给……打电话3.turn around 转身;翻转4.set aside 将……放在一边;为……节约或保留5.in all 总共;总计6.be bound to 一定做……写作句式必学1.It was disturbing and frightening that he looked so human.机械人如此通人性,这使她以为心烦和畏惧。

2.As a favour Tony promised to help Claire make herself smarter and her home more elegant.作为一个恩惠,托尼允许资助克莱尔,使她更漂亮,使她的家更雅致。3.She fell off a ladder and even though Tony was in the next room,he managed to catch her in time.她从梯子上掉下来,只管托尼在隔邻房间里,他还是实时(赶过来)把她接住了。Unit3 Under the sea常考单词必背1.annual adj. 每年的;年度的 n. 年刊;年鉴Our school's annual sports day took place yesterday in 30-degree heat.昨天,学校一年一度的运动会在30度的高温下举行了。

2.witness vt. 眼见;就地见到 n. 眼见者;证人The driving we have witnessed was beyond belief.我们亲眼眼见的驾车局面令人难以置信。3.opposite adj. (无比力级) ①劈面的;相对的②(截然)相反的;对立的 n. [C]反义词;对立面 prep.在……的劈面We have opposite views on politics.我们的政治看法差别。She observed a man walking on the opposite side of the way.她注意到一小我私家在路的劈面走着。4.pause n. [C]中止;停顿;暂停 vi. 中止;停顿;暂停She talked for an hour and a half without pause.她一连说了一个半小时,中间没有停歇。

After you introduce the topic,pause to hear what your partner says.在你引入了这个话题后,停下来听听你的同伴怎么说。5.flee(fled,fled) vt. 逃离;逃避 vi. 逃走;逃避Many of the people have fled to the mountains to escape the floods.许多人为躲避洪水都逃到了山上。

The smile fled from his face.他脸上的笑容倾刻时消失了。6.drag vt. 拖拽; 吃力地往前拉 vi.落伍; 缓慢前进 n. 拖,拉; 累赘We all have a good laugh,so the time never drags.我们经常笑得很开心,所以时间过得快。She dragged herself out of bed,still half asleep.她挣扎着起了床,还是睡眼惺忪。7.urge vt. 敦促;尽力主张;驱策They urged me to eat (into eating) the strange food.他们怂恿我吃那种奇怪的食物。

He urged that we (should) take such steps.他尽力主张我们接纳这些措施。8.abandon/ə'bændən/ vt. 放弃;遗弃 n. [U]放任;狂放Don't abandon yourself to despair.不要自暴自弃。[快速闪记](1) abandon...to... 把……遗弃给……with abandon 放肆地(2) abandoned adj. 被扬弃的;报废的(3) abandon oneself to(to为介词) 沦落于;纵情同义短语:apply oneself to,devote oneself to,resign oneself to等。

9.target n. 目的;靶子;受品评的工具I aimed the gun carefully at the target.我小心地用枪瞄准了目的。10.sharp adj. ①尖锐的;尖的 ②敏锐的;机灵的 ③刻薄的;严厉的Mary,who has sharp eyes,can see through others.玛丽,眼光敏锐,能看透别人。[快速闪记]sharpen vt. 磨快;使敏捷;使尖锐sharpener n. [C]磨具;卷笔刀高频短语必会1.help(...) out 资助(某人)挣脱逆境或危险cannot help doing sth 禁不住做某事2.be/become aware of 对……知道、明确;意识到……3.upside down 上下翻转4.(be)scared to death吓死了写作句式必学1.As I was sorting out my accommodation,I heard a loud noise coming from the bay.正在我找住处的时候,我听到从海湾那里传来一阵喧闹声。2.This was the call that announced there was about to be a whale hunt.这是宣告捕鲸行动马上就要开始的呼声。

3.Being badly wounded,the whale soon died.由于严重受伤,鲸鱼很快就死了。Unit4 Sharing常考单词必背1.concept n. 看法;观点2.relevant adj. 有关的;贴切的;恰当的It is a great honour for me to tell you some information relevant to the local life.我很荣幸告诉你一些和当地生活相关的信息。When I am faced with a difficulty,I usually choose to refer to relevant learning materials or Web pages.当我面临难题时,我经常选择参考相关学习资料或网络。

3.adjust/ə'dʒʌst/ vt.&vi. ①(使)适应;(使)校准;(使)调整 ②整理;使有条理She carefully adjusted her clothes and her hair before going out.她出门之前仔细地整了整衣服和头发。[快速闪记]adjust(oneself) to (doing) sth (使某人)适应(做)某事adjustment/ə'dʒʌstmənt/ n.[C]&[U]调整;调治make an adjustment/adjustments to 调整……(以适应……)adjustable adj. 可调治的;可调整的4.participate vi. (与in连用)到场;到场Use an effective teaching style that allows people to participate in their learning.运用一种有效的培训气势派头让人们到场到学习中去。5.otherwise conj. 否则;否则 adv. 用此外方法;其他方面Otherwise,you may have problems such as red eyes,pain in the eyes,or a more serious condition.否则的话,你可能会有这样的问题,像红眼、眼痛或更严重的情形。


6.privilege n. 特权;荣幸Having been born to privilege in old Hollywood,she was carrying on a family tradition by acting.她身世于已往好莱坞的王谢,继续了当演员的家族传统。7.donate v. 捐赠;募捐She is willing to donate money to a worthy cause.她愿为高尚的事业捐钱。

[快速闪记](1) donate...to... 把……捐给……同义短语:subscribe to,donate to,contribute to等。(2) donation n. 捐钱;捐赠donor n. 捐赠者;输血者8.voluntary adj. 自愿的;志愿的;无偿的We run the meals-on-wheels service on a voluntary basis.我们凭据自愿的原则,开展上门送饭的服务。9.distribute vt. 分配;散布;离开 distribution n. 分配;分发10.operate vi. ①操作;运转 ②起作用;奏效 ③(常与on连用)动手术;开刀 vt. ①操作;开动 ②谋划③对……动手术For most people,it's almost impossible to operate a computer without a mouse...对大多数人而言,没有鼠标险些无法操作电脑……[快速闪记]operation n. [C] &[U]①操作;事情;运转 ②手术 ③作战(行动)operator n. [C]话务员;操作员;谋划者;企业主高频短语必会1.hear from 接到……来信2.(be) dying to 极想;盼望3.the other day 不久前的一天4.dry out (使浸水之物等) 完全变干;干透5.dry up (指河流、井等) 干枯6.in need 在难题中;在危急中写作句式必学1.Thanks for your letter,which took a fortnight to arrive.谢谢你的来信,这封信两星期才到。

2.There is no electricity or water and even no textbook either.这儿没有电,也没有水,甚至连课本也没有。3.Once the fire was going,he laid stones on it.一旦火着起来后,他往火里扔几块石头。

Unit5 Travelling abroad常考单词必背1.queue n. [C]长队;行列 vi. 排队期待If we had booked a table earlier,we couldn't be standing here in a queue.如果你早订张桌子的话,我们现在就不会站在这儿排队了。2.recommend vt. ①推荐;先容 ②劝告;建议(接从句时常用虚拟语气)I borrowed the book Sherlock Holmes from the library last week,which my classmates recommended to me.上周我从图书馆借了本《夏洛克·福尔摩斯》,这是我同学推荐我看的书。

[快速闪记](1) recommend sb sth = recommend sth to sb 向某人推荐某物recommend doing sth 建议(劝告)某人做某事recommend sb to do sth 劝告某人做……recommend sb as... 推荐某人当……recommend that...(should) do... 建议某人……(2) recommendation n. ①[U]推荐;先容 ②[C]推荐信;先容信;劝告a letter of recommendation 推荐信3.comfort n. 舒适;慰藉 vt. 慰藉The old lady often comforts those who are in trouble.这位老太婆经常慰藉处于逆境的人。[快速闪记]comfortable adj. 舒服的comfortably adv. 舒适地4.substitute n. [C]代用品;取代者 vt. 用……取代There is no substitute to hard work.什么都替代不了努力事情。[快速闪记]a substitute for...……的取代者substitute A for B=substitute B with A用A取代Bsubstitute for 取代5.requirement n. [C]需要;要求;需要的工具;须要的条件We have to fit ourselves to the requirements of our jobs.我们必须适应事情的需要。[快速闪记](1) require sth of sb 向某人要求某物require+doing/to be done(主语为行动的蒙受者) 需要做被......require+to do(主语为行动的发出者) 需要做......require sb to do sth 要求某人做某事require that...(should) do要求……(虚拟语气)(2) to meet/satisfy the requirements 切合/满足必备的条件6.draft vt. 起草;制定;征募 n. 汇票;草稿;草案Finally,my thanks go to my tutor,who has offered a lot of suggestions and comments on my paper and polished every page of my draft.最后,我要谢谢我的导师,因为他给我的论文提供了许多建议和评论,修改我的草稿的每一页。

7.acknowledge/ək'nɒlIdʒ/ vt. ①认可;确认 ②答谢;向……打招呼It is widely acknowledged that students should be evaluated in terms of overall quality.人们普遍认为应该通过综合素质来评价学生。acknowledgement n. 认可;答谢in acknowledgement of 为谢谢……8.occupy vt. 占领;占用;使忙碌He occupied his whole afternoon reading books.他用了一下午的时间念书。

[快速闪记]occupation n. [C]&[U] ①占领;占据 ②事情;职业be occupied with sth 忙于某事be occupied in doing sth 忙于做某事9.routine n. [C]&[U] 通例;老例;例行公务 adj. 例行的;通例的Thus eating becomes an enjoyment instead of a routine work you have to do every day.因此,饮食成为一种享受而不是一个天天你必须做的例行事情。[快速闪记]a routine report 例行陈诉10.abundant adj. 富厚的;丰裕的We have abundant evidence that cars have a harmful effect on the environment.我们有充实的证据证明汽车对情况有不良影响。[快速闪记]be abundant in (= be rich in) 富有……;……很富厚abundance n. 大量;丰裕in abundance 富厚;大量高频短语必会1.adjust to 适应;调治2.keep it up 保持优秀结果;继续干下去[快速闪记]keep an eye on 照看;注意;密切注视keep a record (of) 挂号;记载keep back 保留;阻止keep fit 保持康健keep...from doing 阻止……做keep...in mind 记着;想着keep off 避开;防止;盖住keep on 继续(干)keep...out (of...) 遮挡;使不进入keep to one's promise 信守信誉keep up 保持;继续(某运动);不使(斗志)降低;维持keep up with 跟上;不落在后面keep (a) watch 注意;警惕;提防3.fit in 相适应;相融合4.as far as one is concerned 就……而言5.day in and day out 日复一日6.out of the question 不行能的;不值得讨论的out of question 毫无疑问写作句式必学1.It was the first time she had ever left her motherland.这是她第一次脱离自己的祖国。

2.Studying here is quite different from studying in China.在这里学习跟在中国学习相当差别。3.It's not just study that's difficult.难题不仅仅只是学习方面。

4.When I miss my family,it's great comfort to have a substitute family to be with.当我想家的时候,房东家就是我家的替身,和他们在一起给了我很大的慰藉。5.Besides,as far as he was concerned,what other people thought was not the most important thing.此外,他认为,别人想什么并不是最重要的事情。

6.I have been so occupied with work that I haven't had time for social activities.我一直忙于学习,以至于我没有时间去到场社会运动。






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